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June 1, 2016 Poetry

three poems

Greg Zorko

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once in 2011

someone at a party

offered me rum

mixed with cough medicine

from a 1 liter plastic bottle of generic orange soda

i thought

this will make me

drunk, depressed

and extremely tired

but i won't have to cough



i am not literally a goldfish but i strongly relate to them

i read an article on the internet

about how most children go through a

"stealing phase"

from 2-7 years old,

which child development experts say is a perfectly healthy

way for children

to determine boundaries,

i remembered this

the other day

riding my bike past American Apparel.

i want to

make a pile of flower print summer dresses and salmon khaki shorts

and set it on fire in the middle of the store

while a Coldplay song from 2002 plays over the speaker system

to inhale so much smoke that i quickly pass out

to the sound of someone calling the manager.




favorite shape

i can tell

when you are in a good mood


you will usually text me something like:

"i want to go all George Washington on the tree in our front yard."





image: Aaron Burch