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May 8, 2013 Poetry

The Women

Ashley Farmer

The Women photo

Women Imagine

7.  You’re 33-35 years old.  You’ve always known.  You imagine you’re a tipping point wrapped in a synthetic summer dress.


Women Talk

“Less men, more anything, everything.” Rhonda says,  “Horses even.  My life.” 


Women Wait

4. Women wait longer to call an ambulance after a heart attack than men do. Women wait longer than men to raise the alarm. Some women wait for Jesus, and some women wait for Cain.

1. Why was I on a dating site? Good question.


Women Jump

Thought: as long as its done legally, nothing bad, too frightful. Thought: photostock women jumping on the beach with violins! You weren't exactly ready. Question: What happens when women jump?


Women Land

See two young women harvesting hops in Marion County, 1944, cultivating new pathways to the boardroom.


Many Women

The man entered our folklore. American men from history, men from around the world: New York City officers, James Bond, cinema characters, sons of Parliament. They asked nine of their good friends to do the same. Funny, no one was scared. 


image: Andromeda Veach