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The Child Bride and Her Artificial Flowers photo

His family was there. My family was there. My bouquet was made of flies. They crawled in my husbands mouth when he recited his vows. My mouth was fresh and unkissed. The pastor asked me, “Are you sure.” Over and over. “Are you sure? Are you sure?” At this point I had to be sure. Everyone and everything was covered in flowers bought from the craft store. The cake was high as a mountain and had to be eaten by someone. Even if the price was all my baby teeth, all the fun in the world would have to be had before eleven. I couldn’t help but wonder if I had peaked too soon. It was too much to think about. So me and the flies made a deal. They would wait to lay their eggs in my mouth till after the honeymoon and I would eat nothing but sugar the rest of my life. 

image: Ruth Sands