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The Abridged, Essential Counting Crows Fact Sheet photo


They paved paradise / and put up a parking lot / which was a public
  necessity / that boosted the economy / of the city and surrounding towns.”

- - -

Fact: Jim Bogios used to dress his pillows in frilly outfits and play “let’s go drink some tea,” a game he made up while under stomach duress. He goes on to cite this odd childhood hobby in the track “Another Horsedreamer's Blues” off of Recovering the Satelites.

Fact: Dan Vickrey had his first Cadbury chocolate egg at the age of 27. It was white chocolate.

Fact: Did you know that Adam Duritz loves seafood, but is afraid of the ocean? Historians believe this to be a direct result of the time he fell in a tide pool on a school field trip.

Fact: Mr. Jones has always wished he was someone just a little more funky, often causing unwanted tension backstage.

Fact: In 1995, Charlie Cillingham suffered a head-injury-induced coma that lasted 7 months. He woke up fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Fact: David Immerglück has no idea what those two little dots over the “u” in his name are for.

- - -

It’s been a long December / and there's reason to believe / that maybe
 this year / we may run out of tp / (if we get snowed in).”

- - -

Fact: In “Mr. Jones,” Adam Duritz wears the same coat as Jim Carrey in the Cable Guy karaoke scene. Coincidence? Hardly.

Fact: It is widely known that Millard Powers was called “Tomato Steve” by a number of his peers at an early age. He refuses to comment on this in interviews.

Fact: The band found inspiration for the name Counting Crows while on a group-peyote excursion on a plateau in the middle of the New Mexican desert.

Fact: Everyone in the band wants to pass as cats, except for David Bryson, who much prefers alligators or other wetland animals.


image: Andrew Shuta