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May = National Poetry Month, y'all! photo

We know. We know. First we told you we didn’t publish poetry. And now look at us. Thanks to the fantastic Caleb Curtiss (and until recently, the amazing Andrea Kneeland) we are not only publishing poetry, we are publishing fucking amazing, kickass poetry. AND THIS MONTH (because if you know one thing about Hobart, it’s that we, much like Alec Baldwin, don’t wait for a month to tell us it’s “9 or 10 or 11 or a child” or even “national poetry month.” WE decide when national poetry month is and it’s MAY, suckas. Which means) we have a new set of poems for you EVERY (week) day from old friends, like Mike Young, Gene Morgan, and Kendra Grant Malone, as well as new Ho faves like Virginia Konchan and Calvero!

Also, we know we said we were taking a year off book publishing. BUT! Sometimes a good thing comes along when you’re least expecting it and you can’t say no. You can’t say, gee, I wanna work on my own writing this year. You can’t be a whiny little bitch. Sometimes someone whose writing you admire so much, tells you they have a new collection of poems ready and asks if you’d like to see them and you say HELL YEAH, because you love every single thing this person does, from writing to comics to reciting poems about McDonalds to putting a shit ton of condoms on her leg. In fact, you love everything she does so much, you would have signed her without even seeing the collection of poems but then she insisted on showing you and they were every bit as fucking awesome as you knew they would be. In fact, they were MORESO.

Bottom line: don’t ever believe anything we tell you.

Second bottom line: we have a shit ton of good poems for you this month (as we do every month, but this time there are a lot MORE of them).

Bottom bottom line: this fall we are putting out our next SF/LD book: Chelsea Martin’s Even Though I Don’t Miss You. (yeah, I know, right?)

We love poetry, guys.

We’re sorry if we were snotty assholes before when it came to poetry (or anything, really).  

image: Chelsea Martin