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September 16, 2016 Fiction

Jack Beauregard Divides His Time

Benjamin T. Miller

Jack Beauregard Divides His Time photo

Jack Beauregard is the author of two novels, Wolf Rituals and No Man’s Land, as well as an essay collection, Songs from Lost Places, and three volumes of poetry you won’t care about. He divides his time between New York and London. He is a three-time winner of the Sharpe Medal and the recipient of a special commendation from the state legislature of Alabama. He divides his time between Shoreview, Minnesota and Africa’s Barbary Coast, where he operates a chain of bed and breakfasts. He divides his time into small portions, which he eats. He made Dean’s List as a sophomore at Oberlin. He divides his time according to theories developed at Trinity College, Dublin by Stephanie St. Clair, professor of mathematics. Jack Beauregard has worked as a dancer, pearl diver, museum guide, stock broker, and baseball scout. He divides his time between a son that lives with him and a daughter he sees on weekends. He divides his time between morning coffee, the New York Times style section, trips to Safeway, minor traffic violations, television shows, insulin shots, and progressively less frequent dinner-dates with the writer Luna Joyce. He divides his time between smug satisfaction and yawning fear, between shame and defiance. Jack Beauregard has a golden retriever-yellow lab mix, Rusty. He is an associate professor of literature at Middlebury College in the Ural Mountains of eastern Russia, not to be confused with Middlebury College, Vermont. He is currently at work on a novel about a chance meeting between legendary African-American lawman Bass Reeves and a young Cecil B. DeMille. Jack Beauregard divides his time into zeroes and ones. He divides his time between mundane tasks and the question of whether he is worth loving. He is writing about himself in third-person on a strict deadline that has already passed. He divides his time between waiting for the sound of tires that means Jessica is dropping Pam off for the weekend and wondering if he has enough time to smoke a joint. He has been a writer-in-residence at several universities and artist colonies. Jack Beauregard divides his time, opening chasms in reality that scientists are yet to understand. He divides his time between Paris and the sea-islands off the Georgia coast. He is currently at work on a novel about stoic fishermen whose way of life is disappearing. He divides his time between resentment of his readers and a painful need to please them. He divides his time until it is so thin that it becomes a nano-material, then mounts it on quantum dots and thinfilm substrates. Here is the squeak of tires, Jessica’s silver Toyota Corolla turning into the driveway. Jack Beauregard is the author of seventeen works of fiction and has received a lifetime achievement award from the Society for the Arts. He divides his time, he divides his time, again and again he divides it until the pieces are everywhere, and some he has lost track of, and others are hidden in caches in the woods, and some are just lying around where the dog, Rusty, can chew on them.

image: Aaron Burch