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July 12, 2018 Poetry

five poems

will butts

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10,000 years from now

two men will be
in the ground
and they’ll find
a frisbee
buried deep below the surface.

one man will look it over,
and turn to the other man
and ask him,
“what’s this?”

the other man will reply,
“don’t know.
looks like the lid of some kinda bucket to me.”

orange tree

everybody always says they want
an orange tree
in their backyard,

but i just rode past a bunch of houses
with orange trees
in their backyards
and oranges
all over the ground
in various stages of rot,

and i’ll step over
a rotting crab apple,
no problem,
but a rotting orange is something mournful,
and do you really want
to be that
that many times a day,

there’s a big truck

looks like it hasn’t moved in
1,000 years
and on the other side of a fence
there’s the rotting carcass of a dead deer.

they can’t see each other
are baking
in the sun.

9 out of 10 people

would prefer a diet-coke
to a lotus flower
if you gave them
the choice.

9 out of 10 crops

can’t tell the difference between
the spray from a
and real rain.



image: Aaron Burch