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March 23, 2015 Poetry

Europe Poems

Richard Wehrenberg, Jr.

Europe Poems photo

Tunnel shunts us our car
The coffee Tasse
Cleaves a meat of mountain
in Österreich
I’m beginning to think
Auf Deutsch
Ich träume niemand gar nichts

Triggering an ulterior ancestry
Mountain dwelling spermatozoa
Coming alive inside me
Sleeping bag unzip


Pine trees proffer a comparison
To the tough slender young man in Paris
Hair slicked back wet with oil
To navigate a milieu
More effectively
Not unlike a penguin
Or beaver
Brain just did the equivalent
Of a google image search
For “penguin” and “beaver”


These Austrian cows
lying down vaguely chewing
grass what are they think


American style diner called OK
Three cowboys walk in
Free refills on coffee
Outside of America
In an “America" simulacrum
The map precedes the territory
Kid in a Batman face mask staring
At my face mask
Pushing a mug into it


Everything reminds of another thing
Want a thing that no longer recalls
A mind that doesn’t compare
Mountains in Austria
I feel Pennsylvanian
Das Feuerzeug ist kaputt
The fire…


Merging past grandparents
Austrian style brand grandparents
At the Rosenberg rest stop
Rosenberg Rasthof
Where it costs money to take a shit
Metal bars rotate to let you thru
Like Holland’s pastoral tableaux
A Tae Bo commercial
Once you insert coins
The scrolling text thanks giving
Vielen dank vielen dank da noch


A few times
When we feel like it
We don’t pay
The revolving arms
Hop over like fucking bunnies
Or doubles stunting
A jolty kind of traverse
Berndt whispers
While severely stoned
In his Austrian nobility at a ball
in the 17th century style
over enunciated English
We do not pay
because we are
bad ass motherfuckers

Winks at me
From one urinal over
Eyes shot red

image: Richard Wehrenberg, Jr.