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September 19, 2017 Poetry

death by holograms

Chance Dibben

death by holograms photo

death by coca-cola

“hey, buddy”
a man runs after me
like an errant taxi cab
and hands me a can of Coke
as if this life was just a commercial
for the aliens watching us afar—
Galaxnoids, Praise Life! Drink Soda!
Visit Earth!
I haven’t been to Earth in a while.


death by dream argument

Freddy Krueger scratches his nose
and tells us he’s been misunderstood
it was a great feeling
this guy unloading on us
in the church basement
like hearing a drug addict
process the darkness of his heart
it’s great when at the end of a sad
self-effacing monologue
the speaker has a tiny smile
in his voice
it feels good
because we, just by listening
maybe saved this demon
from his demons.
sipping his coffee,
Freddy Krueger says,
“You don’t even want to know
what happens to me when I go to sleep”


death by the 1985 Chicago Bears

I am trying to come out to my father
but all he wants to talk about
are the 1985 Chicago Bears


image: Aaron Burch