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August 18, 2015 Poetry


Spencer Madsen

asterisks photo



i'm fucking useless and there's nothing going for me
*parents call*
everything's amazing, i'm the best i've ever been


wow it's late. i'm so tired
better eat a full meal


*at a chinese food takeout*
me: can i have general tso's chicken
lady: ok what else
me: wait, its that easy?
lady: yes what else
me: nevermind. i don't want it anymore


*moves to a new city*
finally, i can fantasize about a different city


*the album ends*
*the silence of your room is suddenly palpable*
*five or six hamsters walk in to see what's wrong*
i'm fine you guys


*wins the lottery*
*walks into a bagel shop*
you're all coming home with me


*third date*
ahh, i see you've noticed that i am very gross, i too notice it


*on a ferris wheel with a date*
me: this is amazing, isn't it
her: yep
me: it goes in a circle
her: i know
me: it's called a Ferris Wheel



image: Tara Wray