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June 21, 2016 Poetry

5 Poems

Hanna Mangold

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Yellow 1 & 2

I will no longer keep you; I will remember you yellow

you have a beautiful yellow
ache, a scarf made of heavy eyelashes.
I keep you tucked in my backpack among
other things.

in the movies
I pull your ache around me.
you feel wet.     I am
the wrong color.

what happens if you slip
inside me and

I don't
want to hurt you. I want to

drag you


my heart is busted like October

my heart is busted like october
yellowed at the ends of things.
together turns out so much harder
than getting through the winter.

at first we stayed up past the hour
when I should have seen it coming.
you took me down to see the river
but said nothing.

3 towns


and walk through the turnstiles
and the train won’t come
and stare at your phone
and wait for a bus
and it’s lonely in the dark
and don’t look up
your ex-boyfriend on instagram
but text that bartender
who might think your name is just


the summer lasts longer than it should
that’s how everything starts.
remember the old man selling bicycles
remember the river
remember how long it takes
to walk down the street.


we both said, let’s move
it seemed obvious.
my sister said,
but you’re attached.
i told her how i wasn’t
it seemed obvious.
we were three hours ahead,
we spent nine dollars
on city bikes,
it took thirty minutes
to get everywhere.


image: Sean Fitzgerald