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September 27, 2017 Poetry

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Precious Okoyomon

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When was the assertion of blackness anything other than an interrogation. 
I’m fat and black and queer in america _They don’t know what to do with me
I was born. I was a child. I learned and did things. i loved. had those who loved me
( theory on self-abolition)  They gave me a muzzle.  Loving to disappear. I fell in love with everyone_ peaking over temples_  Shoo shoo i want to be free.
She moves freely through the black velvet curtain  .. loving every little lovely thing_heavy air_  _Black will make u_Black will unmake you_
She seems to know her actions are rational, she walks with grace and assertion
Blackness doesn’t move it stay still holding steadfast she is abstracting comfort to reinforce the idea that she is not a magical negro_ she can break_ she breaks_angel eyes_delicate weight_othered in a space steady _ held fast_ suffering is not existence_the blackness of blackness the fucked up_in/visibility of whiteness_find the self then kill it ///  new sainthood nappy headed nigger child_ patron saint of the ashy black barbie_ nubian princess nigress_ zoomorphic angelic beings singing in midnight sugar storms__ shoo shoo i want to be free


_Queer as fuck_ smoking Blunts_ In Italian Leather Back Seats

I never  shave my pussy
I make a bed of leaves

Blood reversing itself
Find me somewhere in the world to rest

I am a disappearing woman
Belly fat with milk
so i can feel alive 

_ hazey_ gender moves here_
Let me put my cock inside of you
Mutations through intensity
No body means you are finally free
my body can’t be a cure
Seizures in identity
I will lay down
What burdens me
And make it die


everybody wanna be a black woman but nobody wanna be a black woman

I should call my mom today
I wake up, take my vitamins
4 kava kava
3 fish oil
4 hpt-5
2 b1
3 b2
4 b3
5 folic acid
1 children's gummy bear
Black women are never depressed just tired


image: Precious Okoyomon