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January 19, 2016 Poetry

3 Poems

Kate Monica

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I Am Very Excited

You scare me kind of           your admission of an emo phase     I still listen to alkaline trio   The first night i met you for real you were wearing a floral dress, paper towels wadded on the floor   That was cool, you came to the poetry reading but i didn’t read anything     Out on the navy lawn smoking beneath an orange moon      I said ‘the moon looks so crazy right now’    You seemed to  be able to tell that scares me somewhat    I pointed it out & you ran to get a better view where the trees weren’t in the way      I would laugh at me too all this earnestness      I don’t like you but i thought the world was going to end today so i met you at your friend’s apartment       To do nothing in particular, play super smash bros   The future unfurling upon us like a small knife    Your friend kevin told me not to fear death      All of us dissectible, coiled like uprooted fish     I don’t even want to kiss you     how did the world spit you out this way       You blush as easily as i do      We have stayed up til 5 am talking       I don’t like you but i used to like sleep a lot    I am not going to tell you                                                                        Anything incriminating                                                    About your small hands



seems fun & there’s a new girl

antlers twist up from the bottom
of a spooky basement party;
I’m in love

hard to distinguish one ache from

& just now

on a mostly empty blue highway,
a car crash in your honor


We Should Break Up

in my dream it was the end of the world.
you and I in the basement of the library
a thin bolt of orange light;
even in this final moment i still believed,
like trying to hide would save you.

even in this final moment
everything still seemed
like something i’d made up inside my head.

does anybody know if she got out?
something i say at the end, whether there’s a shooter or a fire or a meteor in the flesh of the earth.

we were at a hotel with a bunch of my friends you didn’t know.
you said you had to show me something outside;
I followed you out onto the balcony

there were aliens waving

you looked at the black hole
you smiled and waved
you’d been waiting so long for them to finally come for you.


image: Carabella Sands