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May 21, 2018 Poetry

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Aja Moore

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When/ Seriously /        fuck
The mothers say    I’m envious
u still feel things       this sharply
My mother says   It’ll never hurt
this much again             
The desire
routine      culminates in violence
It is making a point that is lost on me
I await some understanding
Some asshole is like Look
at what the violence is saying
and I feel wrong and severe
I stay home and appraise myself
I fantasize about being important to someone
but do not consider this a “possibility”
That I will lose my job is a possibility
That I have mutated at the same pace
as this beautiful planet is a possibility
That no one has the courage to tell me
is a possibility           
That I will
lose my body anyways
is a possibility
Good thing
Losing your body
isn’t the same as losing yourself
I look up synonyms for counterfeit
Get Hollywood         everyone is so
shocked about the things that happen
there              Nobody is shocked
about the things that happen here
Either way        in this case
Outrage and its absence have the same effect
To say that an eye turns
on itself would be unfair
It has to flip everything to see clearly
To say that the earth
turns on itself would be obvious
Grab absolution or think   To say
I turn on myself would be fair
But I couldn’t have done it without u
My mother was right      it never hurt
like that again              but the other mothers were right too
Whatever’s happening now
is much worse
The season
The dead all wet
This flower is the last man on earth
Falling apart one piece at a time
He loves me he loves me not he
This flower exists in a meritocracy
My desirability has a life of its own
I discover myself
in Costco looking
for meat
This explains everything



Sweet tenuous feeling 
The animals lack
of resources is gorgeous
Propulsion worth stealing
As usual its captors announce their good intentions
I just take it
The approximation of an experience
So close to “the real thing”
The animals who dream develop a fixation on the animals who don’t
This could mean
This could mean 
The body can be convinced of its obsolescence
Only once it has language
A voice covers the earth:
“This is the last place humans can live”
I think It must be thriving
Fold myself 
Create a sensation
Water engraves the whole world
I engrave myself into the floor
A gouge that extends itself
Beyond the room in the house and settles
Between us 
What survives despite it
The new hatchlings clamber
My heart swells and drops
The creatures move the way they always have
More erupts 
The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Is just the city 
Right to yr door in 24 hrs or less
The device that reveals the atrocities
Causes them
I bought it
And scattered
I need more
Time Money and Love
Without the first two 
The third atrophies
But the others don’t sully
So easily
I think
I would prefer Time and Love 
To Money but I think I’d prefer Time
Over  Love
*David Attenborough voice*
Are desperate times
There is an animal who will do its worst 
And feel vindicated
Still others who will do theirs
For different reasons
At what point is motivation still important 
At what point can I consider this
A condition
Loveless gait of the hungry thing moving 
Across the screen 
What I would give for a purpose
Instead of a poem


image: Aja Moore