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May 9, 2013 Poetry

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Cooper Esteban

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Divvy Filly

You must imagine god as syrupy mist
Attaching to the knees.
Let's picture the thighs shuddering apart like those
Of a girl too recently deep-kissed.

A dewy effulgence on the left sock
Glows like caramel if the lights
Come at the right angle through the bleacher slats.
There's no hint of her fellow's clumsy cock

Or the yellowing calluses on his hands.
Later she will bring it all back
With words like swoon and spasmic,
Though neither will ease her mother's reprimands

Or father's blows when, after eighteen weeks or so,
The pearl in her possession starts to show.

[They look so different…]

They look so different here
Their feet so broad and flat
Their chests devoid of hair
Their faces smoothly fat

And yet beneath their arms
The creases fur with heat
And something angry squirms
Its way beneath the quiet

She catches at his chin
She thumbs the healing scars
She takes the nipple in
Oh twice as big as hers


image: Andromeda Veach