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Clumps photo
February 28, 2017 | Fiction


Emily Carney

The fact of his wariness stops her; Viv gathers the remaining clumps of her hamburger, squeezes them between her fingers but no juice comes out. She stares at the clumps. 

Lie Game photo
February 27, 2017 | Fiction

Lie Game

Kirsten Larson

No good relationship, if you could call it that, ever started in a bar.

Take That, Linnaeus photo
February 27, 2017 | Poetry

Take That, Linnaeus

Candice Kelsey

When clearly it could be a mommy or even a child for that matter.

The Eulogy photo
February 26, 2017 | Sunday Comics

The Eulogy

TJ Murray

Last Days: an excerpt from Person/a photo
February 24, 2017 | Fiction

Last Days: an excerpt from Person/a

Elizabeth Ellen

I remember Ian saying I was not a novelist and I think, as much as it pained me at the time to hear this, he was correct.

More Lives Than Your Own photo
February 24, 2017 | Nonfiction

More Lives Than Your Own

Alex Ebel

A woman waited in line in front of me, anxiously watching the television behind the plexiglass partition. The gas station attendant broke rolls of quarters in half and dropped them into the register. A second woman spoke on screen, dressed in an orange pant suit, matching neon lipstick and a gold crescent moon pinned to her lapel below her microphone. I imagined the petroleum-wax scent her breath might leave as she spoke.          

Tired People Seeing America photo
February 23, 2017 | Fiction

Tired People Seeing America

Claire Hopple

She was walking through a quaint neighborhood of old Victorians and Craftsman houses and a few run-down ranches when she saw a note on the front door of one of them. 

Hallway photo
February 22, 2017 | Poetry


Sarah Fuss Kessler

My god, I remember how badly I wanted her to see.

This Animal Mother photo
February 21, 2017 | Fiction

This Animal Mother

Vanessa Cuti

I’ve gone and left everything.

Interview with Christopher Smith photo
February 20, 2017 | Interview

Interview with Christopher Smith

Gregory Lee Sullivan

I’m fascinated by the idea of nonlinear time — that linear time is a construct we use to make sense of the world. Now, maybe without linear time we’d all be mad. But I find great comfort in accepting the idea, intellectually, that linear time isn’t necessarily real. 

A Liberal Arts Education photo
February 19, 2017 | Sunday Comics

A Liberal Arts Education

Anthony Veasna So

small and ghostly photo
February 17, 2017 | Fiction

small and ghostly

Trinity Herr

I will watch you kill the cat.

Four Poems photo
February 15, 2017 | Poetry

Four Poems

Laura Jean Moore

How To Be an Acclaimed Poet in America

Co-Ed Picnic photo
February 14, 2017 | Fiction

Co-Ed Picnic

Nicolette Polek

She picks a bony honeysuckle blossom off the bush and sticks the stem under the elastic of her bathing suit bottom.

Borrowed country photo
February 13, 2017 | Nonfiction

Borrowed country

Kristin Chang

Can imagine it: black vans with windows tinted green like bug eyes, all those bodies stolen away like women in wartime. 

Maggie Estep interview photo
February 12, 2017 | Interview

Maggie Estep interview

Jeremy Keighley

The night after my book launch at Power House Arena in Brooklyn, I slept over at my friend Logan’s house in Clinton Hill. In... more

Foraging photo
February 12, 2017 | Sunday Comics


Alyssa Jo Varner

Two Poems photo
February 10, 2017 | Poetry

Two Poems

Taneum Bambrick

I never saw them but I knew people shot our outhouses.

All There Is photo
February 9, 2017 | Fiction

All There Is

Eric Boyd

Kasper and I are smashing fluorescent light tubes on the ground behind the Dollar Tree, swinging them down like apes with clubs, the world itself our victim.

Elle photo
February 8, 2017 |


Sean Kilpatrick

The cock in Hitchcock

Physical Therapy / Sunday Night & Monday Morning photo
February 7, 2017 | Fiction

Physical Therapy / Sunday Night & Monday Morning

Rita Ciresi

He stands so close I can make out the threads on his polo shirt.

La La Land photo
February 7, 2017 | movie reviews

La La Land

Sean Kilpatrick

Suicide is all theory until you fall in love with a piece of shit.

Interview with Donika Kelly  photo
February 6, 2017 | Interview

Interview with Donika Kelly 

Daniel Pieczkolon

BESTIARY was released in October of 2016 by Graywolf Press and has garnered a great deal of praise, including being longlisted for the 2016 National Book Award in Poetry. Kelly was kind enough to answer a few of my questions via email regarding the notion of self in poetry, how trauma and grief can manifest in art, and how her critical work informs (or fails to inform) her poetry.

The Agenda photo
February 5, 2017 | Sunday Comics

The Agenda

TJ Murray

My Mother in 2075 photo
February 3, 2017 | Fiction

My Mother in 2075

Erika Price

She can't remember the important bad things. I ask her about the divorces and the dead dogs buried in the woods and the cracks in the bathroom tile and the negative, blood red balance in her checking account and her eyes go blank and she shakes her head like she's been overcome by some faint neurological chill. 

Once, on a full moon, I started sobbing photo
February 1, 2017 | Poetry

Once, on a full moon, I started sobbing

E Yeon Chang

I have watched too much reality TV about Kimye and teen mothers. This is why I cannot explain April like a normal person.