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Rumours photo
December 11, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour


Sean Gill

My wife and I are in pretty deep with the Mac. You can tell because we call them "the Mac."

24 photo
November 3, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour


Becca Yenser

Song: “Seventeen”


You can’t skateboard over road work. But you can wipe your bloody hands on your jeans; blood doesn’t look right going down a drain. Later you see a twenty dollar bill on the

1984 photo
October 21, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour


Mark Koepke

My 11-year-old son thinks Imagine Dragons is the greatest band in the world. Maybe ever. I learn about his new passion in the most disturbing way.

Chances Are photo
October 20, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Chances Are

KJ Shepherd

It’s funny: I don’t recall ever hearing music around you, not in the condo and certainly not in the trailer.

What Happens to the Heart photo
October 19, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

What Happens to the Heart

Malia Márquez

The bartender gives relationship advice in the alley behind the bar every Thursday night while the piano player does her thing on the baby grand.

Thirtieth of May photo
October 18, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Thirtieth of May

Brandon Sanchez

Gender in the Long 19th Century ends at 4 p.m., which leaves enough time to raid the liquor store on Cowley Road. A and K and I go early, J and S join later.

Fuck Music photo
October 17, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Fuck Music

Brian O'Hare

We’re sitting in a pit. It’s deep, well above our heads—a half-finished bunker, really, begun in the heady days when imagined snipers lurked behind every dune...

The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side photo
October 16, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side

Robert Fromberg

When I was a teenager, I got robbed a lot

Pilgrimage photo
October 15, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour


Caroline Galdi

The driver laughed when you couldn’t pronounce the name of your destination. It’s a cobblestoned European town the same as every other cobblestoned European town you’ve seen so far.

Talking Timbuktu photo
October 14, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Talking Timbuktu

Mark Koepke

I’m supposed to be on my way to Timbuktu, not stuck here, listening to a man sing about the place

The Magnolia Electric Co. photo
October 13, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

The Magnolia Electric Co.

K Chiucarello

I wanted landscapes I could sink back into. I needed mountains to wrap around, rivers to rest naked upon, fields to drown in, an old snake skin stuck to the bottom of my boot

Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely photo
October 12, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely

Matthew Duffus

A man sits in a bar in a no-name town in a flyover state. It’s late. He’s alone. A double whiskey sits before him, sweating on a cheap cardboard coaster. The bartender knows his order by sight.

Tonight's the Night, Neil Young photo
October 6, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Tonight's the Night, Neil Young

Mark Koepke

I assume you have a regular route on your nightly rounds, those eagle eyes scanning for any lock popped daringly up like a gopher from its hole.

Coal Miner's Daughter photo
September 29, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Coal Miner's Daughter

Ella Hormel

Loretta Lynn
Coal Miner’s Daughter
11 songs, 29 minutes

The place is too small, but we don’t care. I don’t care because I’ve always liked small spaces (if I were an animal, I’d be one with

Greatest Hits, Al Green photo
September 22, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Greatest Hits, Al Green

Patrick Daly

She focuses on efficient point accumulation: jam, 12 points.

Brothers, The Black Keys photo
September 15, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Brothers, The Black Keys

Katrina Quinn

But every time I listen to Brothers, I can hear her voice.

My Name is Kook photo
September 8, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

My Name is Kook

Sean O'Neill

It was a year well-lived, but glamorous only in its simplicity– I had 6 roommates, all of us year-long volunteers packed into a one story house, where minus rent and Costco we each earned only $100-a-month in stipend.

Swordfishtrombones photo
September 1, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour


Avery Gregurich

I’m behind a snow plow, tonguing salt and exhaust fumes, white-knuckling a compact car, and screaming at a hamper of clean clothes to just keep from crying. Tom Waits is with me, wailing as we swerve, any of these songs seeming appropriate soundtracks to crash quietly into the ditch with.

Room On Fire photo
August 25, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Room On Fire

Andrew Byrds

And oh god it’s wonderful sitting here, drinking too much coffee, eating too many pastries, and loving everything about this moment. 


Pom Pom photo
August 18, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Pom Pom

Florina Nastase

Still, he wants me to keep strutting down my freak lane, says “Gucci” like “Coochie” on “White Freckles”.  

City Music photo
August 11, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

City Music

A.S. Coomer

My brother always comments on how big the sky is in my little stretch of western Kentucky. We crane our necks and peer at the sickle moon, the unblinking stars.

John Prine: A Tribute photo
August 4, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

John Prine: A Tribute

Micah Ling

But John Prine was bigger than memory. John was never tainted. 


Fine Line, Harry Styles photo
July 7, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Fine Line, Harry Styles

Brianna Schullo

Fine Line
Harry Styles
Released: December 13, 2019
Label: Columbia and Erskine
Length: 46 minutes, 12 songs


My review is best summed up by alternative titles for each track because this is

Splurge photo
June 30, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour


Dan Morey

Before Sasquatch’s girlfriend got into rats, she had dogs. I don’t remember how many exactly, but a lot. One dog was called Pee Dog. Whenever I fell asleep on the La-Z-Boy, he soaked my leg

Melodrama, Lorde photo
June 23, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Melodrama, Lorde

Garrett Pletcher

Like so many gays around the world, I remember exactly where I was when Lorde dropped “Green Light”, the first song from her 2017 instant classic Melodrama. I was in my car, on my way to work. But that’s not really all of it.

Recent Books

Exit, Carefully

Elizabeth Ellen

"I loved reading Exit, Carefully. It’s unusual, and in my opinion exciting, to publish a play without previously receiving a major production."

                      -Walker Caplan, Lithub


Garielle Lutz

“Lutz’s work is a marvel of the possibilities of language.  Each of her sentences is an intricately crafted thing, deeply complex yet crystalline in its clarity . . . her command of each and every word remains supreme.”     

  --Mira Braneck, The Paris Review Daily


Garielle Lutz is the author of The Complete Gary Lutz, among other books.

Her Lesser Work

Elizabeth Ellen

"[Her Lesser Work] is a collection of mordant and formally inventive stories circling themes of, let’s say, desire and escape within repressive structures."

      -Walker Caplan, Literary Hub

"Her Lesser Work is full of power and it takes risks and it's alive and real and it fixes a very sharp eye on the shit humans do to each other and themselves."

      -Lindsay Lerman, LitReactor