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Selected Tweets

Tao Lin & Mira Gonzalez

"I think I’ve read the most Twitter while laying in bed or on my back, or just laying in places, like in parks or in airports."
Tao Lin

"I feel comfortable tweeting things that I would never feel comfortable saying in a real life conversation, or even in other places on the internet."
Mira Gonzalez


Chloe Caldwell

WOMEN photo

"You want this."
– Ashley Ford, Buzzfeed Books

“I’ll read anything Chloe Caldwell writes...  WOMEN is an urgent reminder that narrative is how we make sense of obsession.”
– Elisa Albert, author of The Book of Dahlia and the forthcoming novel After Birth


Even Though I Don&#39;t Miss You photo

"Someone who should not die is Chelsea Martin."
         – Blake Butler

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Other Kinds

Dylan Nice

Other Kinds photo

“Dylan Nice's Other Kinds is the most extraordinary short-story-collection debut I have read in years. It is a book to be memorized.” – Gary Lutz

“His voice is startlingly mature and powerful — capable of probing the darkness with a lyricism that illuminates and enlivens the spirit.” – Diane Williams

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I Have Blinded Myself Writing This photo

"Yes I was disorientated. Yes I was eager, and tense as I began. But this book gave and gave, set things whirring, even set me to crying a little. An experiment is something that must be witnessed more than once to be recorded as successful. In other words, read this book."  – PANK



Fast Machine

Elizabeth Ellen

Fast Machine photo

"What Ellen is doing here is going deep inside herself and coming back with something small and glistening and vulnerable cradled in her hands. She's offering it to you. You should take it.” – The Stranger

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Karl Taro Greenfeld

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“The authority and sense of place [Greenfeld] creates must certainly be informed by his globetrotting and wanderlust, but whether he’s actually been to these places or not isn’t important. The feeling of immersion, the details, the local flavor—those aspects of his stories add a layered depth to the settings and lifestyle of the natives and tourists alike.” – The Nervous Breakdown

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