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Saul Stories

Elizabeth Ellen

  • Release Date: October 31, 2017
  • ISBN 978-0-9896950-5-3
  • 160 pages
  • 6x9; hardcover

Will be released October 31, 2017.


A linked story collection detailing the relationship between the 40-year-old narrator, her eighth-grade daughter, Eli, and her daughter’s best friend, Saul.    Includes the Pushcart Prize winning story "Teen Culture."


Saul doesn’t want to go home and Darius doesn’t want to go home and Alondra sure as shit doesn’t want to go home so we drive around another half an hour and end up in a back booth at IHOP drinking coffee and eating cheese sticks. Two hours ago we bought three bags of candy at the movies and Alondra and Eli and I ate two and Darius and Saul threw the candy from the third bag all over the movie theater floor. Eli and I don’t want to go home either. Eli and I are picking at cheese sticks and French fries because we’re not really hungry but we don’t want to go home either.

The waitress brings a bowl of flavored creamers and Saul tells her she looks like a country music singer, not any country music singer in particular, just a country music singer in general, and the waitress looks pleased with this information. The waitress smiles at Saul and asks Saul what school he goes to and Saul says the name of the school and the waitress says she went there, too, but a long time ago. The waitress smiles at me. The waitress and I are probably the same age but the waitress looks her age so I don’t feel an affinity with her. I don’t look the same age as Darius or Saul or Alondra either but I feel more of an affinity with Darius and Saul and Alondra than I do the waitress. I look like I’m between the ages of Darius and Saul and Alondra and the waitress. Most of the time Eli seems happy about this. Sometimes Eli makes a point of saying, “At least I have friends my own age.” Most of the time when Eli says this it’s because Saul is paying me more attention than her. I have friends my own age, but most of them are busy with things like families and spouses and careers and I’m not busy with any of those. Most of the time Eli is okay with this, like when I spend my Friday nights driving her and her friends to the movies and IHOP. Like now.




“Funnier than Person/a. I laughed out loud a lot.”

 – Tao Lin


“Reading these stories makes me wanna smoke weed and drive thru mcds 24/7.”

 – Chloe Caldwell

“I read [Saul Stories] with interest-- I loved the atmosphere in these stories, and appreciate the pop culture references and details reminiscent of the suburbs. I was at times unclear on the dynamics of the family and despite the underlying tension wasn't always absolutely sure of the stakes.”

 – unidentified literary agent


“Elizabeth Ellen is so good at being creepy.”

  – Juliet Escoria on Saul Stories

Elizabeth Ellen

Elizabeth Ellen is the author of the novel Person/a, the story collections Saul Stories and Fast Machine, and the poetry collections Elizabeth Ellen and Bridget Fonda. She is the recipient of a Pushcart Prize, is a deputy editor at Hobart, and lives in Ann Arbor.