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Recourse photo
June 26, 2014 | Poetry


Liz N. Clift

The whitetail flit across the road, tails raised in greeting or surrender, a herd—a small stampede—crossing this rural... more

2 Poems photo
June 18, 2014 | Poetry

2 Poems

S.P. MacIntyre

TRIDENT LISP When tenderness runs out there is tenderness, Jonathan says.  We hand-in-handed but days ago to the hiss of... more

2 Poems photo
June 12, 2014 | Poetry

2 Poems

Michael Meyerhofer

ZAZEN AT THIRTY-SIX When I was twenty, Emily called me from her dorm room. She wanted to know if I believed in God, something... more

3 Poems photo
June 5, 2014 | Poetry

3 Poems

Micah Ling

Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense David Byrne is magic. Not, like, figuratively: really. He knows card tricks and makes bunnies... more

Year Twenty Two photo
May 30, 2014 | Poetry

Year Twenty Two

Zachary Cosby

I       i dedicate this poem to the first 15 years of the twenty first century. it's name is... more

Rubber Light photo
May 29, 2014 | Poetry

Rubber Light

Aviva LeShaw

That was the night Gabby and I drank the bottle of bourbon next to the makolet. In America, we call them mini-marts, but in Israeli... more

3 Poems photo
May 28, 2014 | Poetry

3 Poems

Ricky Garni

It's Complicated I could make a painting brighter if I used brighter colors It’s as simple as that But it’s... more

Apprehension & Other Colors, Fit to Size photo
May 27, 2014 | Poetry

Apprehension & Other Colors, Fit to Size

Sarah Jean Alexander

I have developed the habit
of staring at the hands
of people standing next to me on the train

5 Poems photo
May 26, 2014 | Poetry

5 Poems

Marci Rae Johnson

The Springfield Fire Department Reminds You to Be Prepared for Earthquakes Even though Vachel Lindsay drank lye and died in this... more

3 Poems photo
May 23, 2014 | Poetry

3 Poems

Ben Clark

Benjamin Charles Dowd This has nothing to do with what you etch into the trunk with his only pocket knife or that it will take him... more

2 Poems photo
May 22, 2014 | Poetry

2 Poems

Madison Langston

it’s okay to sleep with a dickhead if they tell you about guided by voices
3 poems about depression photo
May 21, 2014 | Poetry

3 poems about depression

Alexandra Wuest

Make a vision board

Watch Girl, Interrupted

Eat more protein

from The Invention of Monsters / A Performance in One Act photo
May 19, 2014 | Poetry

from The Invention of Monsters / A Performance in One Act

C Dylan Bassett

              SCENE An... more

Two Martial Arts photo
May 16, 2014 | Poetry

Two Martial Arts

Spencer Madsen

1.  as great as our best days will be our worst days will be twice as worse you can’t take from somebody their... more

2 Poems photo
May 14, 2014 | Poetry

2 Poems

Rebecca Lilly

THE CORNER PRIEST "All things considered, you'd best not putter around, frittering hours, but listen to your heart,"... more

3 Poems photo
May 13, 2014 | Poetry

3 Poems

Jordan Castro

he said 'i think i work out just as like, an excuse to drink protein, you know?'

2 Poems photo
May 12, 2014 | Poetry

2 Poems

Talin Tahajian

There were too many lizards

3 Poems photo
May 9, 2014 | Poetry

3 Poems

Jamison Crabtree

MY FATHER PLAYS SONGS TO THE MOON, MY SON PLAYS SONGS TO THE MOON An absence surrounds the cabin; an absence haunts it. My... more

2 Poems photo
May 7, 2014 | Poetry

2 Poems

JoAnna Novak

PRIVATE INTERACTIONS IN A MIXED-SEX GROUP Together, we separate. We stare at mud or Easter’s grey river, disciplined,... more

3 Poems photo
May 5, 2014 | Poetry

3 Poems

Joshua Willey

Last Night at the Electroclash Some one said tech kids are really just Bros who couldn’t play football. My wingman Took so... more

4 Poems photo
May 2, 2014 | Poetry

4 Poems

Ras Dia

(jesus) [said] i. a penis is not a victory dance. x. friday is for wine, camels, and cummings. ix. delilah penetrated samson... more

5 Poems photo
May 1, 2014 | Poetry

5 Poems

Gregory Zorko

Syrup We are listening to New Order with the blanket over our heads. Your PC under the blanket is our companion. You touch me again... more

No Kin in Flowers photo
April 25, 2014 | Poetry

No Kin in Flowers

Carabella Sands

You drink all the beers I bought And push towards me an arm full of bottles You say, “I want to be alone With my... more

Base Running photo
April 21, 2014 | BASEBALL, Poetry

Base Running

Russell Brakefield

August burns on and a quiet resin lifts from my skin. The ruins of my body idling on the couch. Drunk again or just resigned to... more

For Jake "The Snake" Roberts, on the Occasion of Making an Unlikely Out in Centerfield During a Charity Softball Game photo
April 10, 2014 | BASEBALL, Poetry

For Jake "The Snake" Roberts, on the Occasion of Making an Unlikely Out in Centerfield During a Charity Softball Game

Colette Arrand

Like every catch before... more

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