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Holland photo
November 1, 2007 | Fiction


M. T. Fallon

The cobble gloss contained inchoate images underfoot. Miram broke his stride and knelt to inspect the watery sheen but could not catch the... more

Don't Stop Now photo
November 1, 2007 | Fiction

Don't Stop Now

Al Riske

We spread a blanket off to one side of the boat launch, under some trees. Island Lake, in Shelton, Washington, is surrounded by... more

Hello photo
October 1, 2007 | Fiction


Glen Pourciau

He knew what he was doing. He knows I don't say hello to him, knows that when I see him I see an empty spot, but he walked into the meeting... more

Awfulness photo
October 1, 2007 | Fiction


Kevin Grauke

The boy found the helmet perched atop a bag of trash set out in front of Mr. and Mrs. Traska's house across the street. Well, only Mrs.... more

Wonder Bread photo
October 1, 2007 | Fiction

Wonder Bread

Amy Abrams

The apartment smells of burnt toast when Marcia arrives home from work. Her husband, Gary, having toasted two loaves that afternoon,... more

The Missing Eye photo
September 1, 2007 | Fiction

The Missing Eye

Siel Ju

I'm functional in the sense that I make it to evening confrontations. At the sushi bar, Gita keeps talking about some girl she works... more

Lobo photo
September 1, 2007 | Fiction


Margaret Bentley

I rest my head on a pillow, falling in and out of sleep. Outside the windshield, locusts reflect light like shooting stars as they catch in the... more

Autobiography photo
September 1, 2007 | Fiction


Tiff Holland

"You played sports?" he asks over dinner. They're having baked chicken and baked potatoes. Clean food is how she thinks of it, only a... more

I WIll Unfold You With My Hairy Hands photo
September 1, 2007 | Fiction

I WIll Unfold You With My Hairy Hands

Shane Jones

The hair monster checked out the ass of a handicapped woman. She was standing with her back turned when the... more

Cabin Fever photo
August 1, 2007 | Fiction

Cabin Fever

Paul Silverman

She was what his father, who had a Betty Grable calendar in the garage, used to call a bleached blonde, and she was kind of daffy-taffy... more

The Dead Walk Backwards photo
August 1, 2007 | Fiction

The Dead Walk Backwards

Steve Finbow

The earth is deep brown and peppered with crows. Sorry-looking cows nuzzle the frozen refuge. Two mongrel dogs, skinny,... more

Crimes of the Post-Divorce Era photo
August 1, 2007 | Fiction

Crimes of the Post-Divorce Era

Diane D. Gillette

Gerry let out a loud belch and tried unsuccessfully to focus on Albert.

"I've got to get her back. I miss her so... more

Secret Keepers photo
August 1, 2007 | Fiction

Secret Keepers

Teresa Tumminello Brader

What was he thinking? Any one of us could've found it. Cards, letters, notes, and worst of all, photos. A woman -- a blonde, of all... more

Collision photo
August 1, 2007 | Fiction


Kathleen Lindstrom

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. I'm 43. I'm sure."

"It's a big decision. It's a life."

"Don't you think I know that? I'm... more

Agnes and Ned photo
July 1, 2007 | Fiction

Agnes and Ned

Jonny Diamond

She had death in her hands, in her heart, in the americ tang of her angry sweat: she was jealous of a piece of bread. It was a dark,... more

Four Sieges photo
July 1, 2007 | Fiction

Four Sieges

Erin Fitzgerald


Deirdre doesn't talk to Nicole anymore, but she thinks she does. Last winter, six months went by with neither one of them saying... more

Nine Paragraphs about the Future (In Jacksonville, Florida) photo
July 1, 2007 | Fiction

Nine Paragraphs about the Future (In Jacksonville, Florida)

William Peterson

1. Ionization

In a city where everything feels a bit belated, where the clever ones... more

Unpublished Manuscript #36 photo
July 1, 2007 | Fiction

Unpublished Manuscript #36

Joe Clifford

Kitty peeled dead flies off the screen. She squinted in the direction of the boatyard. "No boats today," she muttered to... more

Liberating Crabapples photo
June 1, 2007 | Fiction

Liberating Crabapples

Richard Osgood

Leonard Crank is an ass. He's a beer-in-a-can-drinking, White-Owl-cigar-smoking, wife-beater-wearing, greasy-haired slug. He... more

The Cousinfucker photo
June 1, 2007 | Fiction

The Cousinfucker

Litsa Dremousis

"Rita, I know you've slept with one of your cousins," Mom told me this morning at brunch.

My stomach kicked. I stopped chewing... more

It's About Time photo
June 1, 2007 | Fiction

It's About Time

Martin Dodd

He sits in his chair, absently running his fingers through his thinning white hair. She hunches on the sofa, quivering, holding a... more

Snakes & Ladders photo
June 1, 2007 | Fiction

Snakes & Ladders

Michael Loughrey

A ticket to watch Cindy do her striptease cost a dollar and an ice cream.

Terms and conditions of business were:

1) The... more

Proofreader photo
May 1, 2007 | Fiction


Jeff Landon


My father’s ashes clumped on the way to Smith Mountain Lake—it was probably the humidity. We had transferred his ashes from the... more

Transit photo
May 1, 2007 | Fiction


Laura van den Berg

Dina stood on the edge of the platform. She liked to feel the rush of the subway as it roared past. It was midnight. She was coming from a... more

Lake-Effect Snow photo
May 1, 2007 | Fiction

Lake-Effect Snow

Sean Mills

The next morning, you get a call from the Days Inn Akron South and he tells you he’s been in an accident. He is unhurt but crying... more

Recent Books

Preview cropped saul stories coverthumb

Saul Stories

Elizabeth Ellen

"I didn't want to ever be outside of this moment. I knew at some point I would look at the picture I'd just taken and feel an overwhelming sense of loss. I thought as long as we could manage to stay inside this particular hotel room, to avoid our phones and every person with whom we'd ever come into contact, we would continue to feel whole. We were revolutionaries, goddamnit. These were our accumulation of beautiful moments. Before the world fractured us. I don't expect you to understand how I became Brad Pitt in that moment, how we all just flew along down the highway. Bandits. Ex-patriots. In love with this countryside, if not this country. Paper Moon. The Last Picture Show. All of this shot in black and white. Only the final scene in color."

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Legs Get Led Astray

Chloe Caldwell

FOUR NEW ESSAYS BY CHLOE CALDWELL! Plus the original essays that made you fall in love with Chloe!

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Jason Phoebe Rusch

Jason Phoebe Rusch is a queer writer from the Chicago suburbs. His full-length debut Dualities explores gender and patriarchy from the perspective of a man who was socialized and is currently still read as a woman. He is interested in complication and nuance and messy human failing, his own and that of others.