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one night in Manita

after Gertrude Stein

say any of the passersby could stop, supposing / that we eat, supposing the rest of the
table watches / and even if i decided i did want to dance / suppose i had the third
glass of prosecco / suppose the waiter didn’t charge / if you suppose this, if you’ve
been to Manita / and you suppose this even though the dress I'm wearing is from years
ago, the candy apple red yes you suppose this and you tell me it’s lovely / you see me
on the street now and that is even more than i have hoped for / and you order the
mussels and we pour white wine into the bowl from the bottle and this was one lovely
lifetime this night.

bicycle thieves

thinking about Bruno
in the bicycle thief

how his eyes
(like my brother’s)

wore pillow creases
rubbed rosy

thinking about my brother
whose bike was stolen

or three times

image: Daniel Romo