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September 28, 2017 Poetry

Two Poems

Lauren Eggert-Crowe

Two Poems photo

When I said moon

I meant a source

is not the light

When I said I am tired

I only meant my hours

are spent wickedly unwisely

In the elevator we await judgment

We will be made of static       

My skin is unhappy in six different ways

Forgive my past its grubby hands

all over your heart

We have ransacked the fountain

Haven’t I told you the water is endless

I had three empty bowls

I searched for an explanation

Don’t you see I want the sun

to fill me like a swimming pool

I could be heiress to your wonders

Alchemize my fears, my lion-heart sunflower

My slackening stack of gold

I am peached with uncertainty

Bring my power to this plane




Where is the dark ship going behind your eyes?

What moods do I need to forecast?

How you taught me patience at the stove

but I am drunk now and just want to shove

everything around

Give us this day our daily fight

I tightened the wheel in my ribs

watching potentials disappear

Wherever they went there

will be some exposition

Wanting to be important

is a worthy foe


image: Aaron Burch