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July 6, 2017 Poetry

such good

Chris Barton

such good photo

such good

I push a cloud out of my head
and stretch my ankle
I move forward like a spherical knife
not actively trying to kill
and balance my body with lemon juice
there is always the option
of choosing not to care
the cat looks out the same window
every morning
where the sunlight is
I am happiest when reading a book
a distinct kind of sadness
easily sustained
because the day is viewed as plastic
a bag that you try to stuff impossible shit in
what the fuck is depressed
everything you put in your body
has a chemical reaction
and is therefore a drug
I lie down on a blue mat and close my eyes
the song that you sent made me think of fish sticks
which made me think of childhood
which made me think of Heinz
this makes my stomach hurt
which is why a percentage of the world has more energy than the rest
coffee coffee coffee       red rooibos tea
smoke weed if you want to
I stole this title from a text message


pharma poem

i did jumping jacks today in the yard 

at my mom’s, while june bugs flew through the grass

and between my arms.

my legs felt light, like eating a pill.

it’s 12 hours later, and my sheets are finally clean again.

Kroger started selling wine in the grocery store this month.

i put coriander and cinnamon in my coffee to cut down

on acidity.

i am tired all the time, now, and am still afraid of dying.



image: Carabella Sands