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I Am Sorry to Piss You Off, Wendell Berry photo

"Agribusinesses are the pornographers of American agriculture." --Wendell Berry


Because the fields of phalluses

have not saved us from ourselves,

we've covered what's left of the prairies

with something thicker, taller,

rooted deeper. All up and down Rt. 57,

whole teams of men are erecting wind mills,

shooting up high and fast and powerful

right above the Adult Store in Buckley.

I got off, one night, at the exit to pee,

but was afraid to enter the shop. Afraid

of the porn, I parked behind the shaft

of a silver turbine where it stood, tucked

into the dense, hybrid thicket of DeKalb seed,

and I pissed into the night like an animal.

I marked the place like it belonged to me

and not the women and men who broke down

the arm-thick roots of bluestem with axes and loss.

I wetted the forged-steel base of a power-source

until the moon made it shine like a river stone,

and I started my car up and drove it home.


image: Justine Bursoni