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Holy Fools

Again the temperature held

The clouds fond of where they were

The birds awake as we breathed

How to be awash in song

How to watch men swing axes into trees

Lord I haven’t had any coffee yet

How long before my unraveling

Ours perhaps

The radiator hisses but is easy to ignore

We can’t search for what we’ll find


Inaccuracy Because Either Could Be Either

I thought the sky was supposed to blue

I thought sunglasses were supposed to make everything darker

My new pair makes everything look kind of brown

My new pair has nothing to do with the clouds

Mercury is retrograding again

Mercury is nothing but gravity’s certainty

Lately I feel more compassion for the bee corpses in my car’s rear window

Lately I feel more compassion for baristas

I asked for 2% but cream is all he’s got

I asked for his number but he’s got a girlfriend

Can you tell when you’re being let down gently

Can you tell when you’re given the wrong change


Pink Confetti

The villain in my favorite Star Trek movie says ridiculous things

“Time is the fire in which we burn” and sure I guess

He wanted to collapse a star but dies when his missile blows up early

Everyone knows you can only be right about x-amount of things

Time is what I use to think about golden retriever puppies wearing baseball caps

Time is what we plant out back when we want corn in September

Everything is explodable even words you have to invent

Who actually believes Shakespeare did all that

Lord he must have lived at writing residencies

He must have had incredible lovers

I quit wondering what gender they would have been

I quit my job so I could write poems

Look at this tiny black poodle in a princess costume

How do you know what month it is

What are the benefits of living in a college town

Is it all right to watch science fiction all day

Should you always send a thank you note after an interview

When do your mid-twenties end and then

I wish there were a carousel nearby I could watch spin

Who is in charge of painting the horses

There is a museum with the answers in Connecticut

Who is in charge of ticket sales

Who is in charge of most things

Some guy on the news says the Bible says the world will end today

There’s a nice breeze outside so what if it carries hellfire

I’d miss my midcentury porcelain tea set

I’d miss shirtless men jogging by my porch

Can you think of a better place to sit with a beagle

I stopped drinking milk a while ago and yes I feel much better

Déjà vu exists because time is a bunch of pink confetti

There was a party you weren’t invited to but had to clean up

There are four brooms in this house

We don’t know why


The dog didn’t fall down the stairs

We never had a dog

It didn’t snow at all that winter

Uphill both ways to the antique dealer

X-amount of square feet

Nothing but treasures

The chill will get you no matter the clouds

When everything’s still you can hear your veins

How to behave when you’re the only patron

How to walk right past the labrador painting

How to turn “Jingle Bells” into “Born to Run”

Sometimes you can get what you want

I’ve never not owned the twenty-three-piece orange tea set made in Germany before the war

I’d never have a kiki without inviting you

Remember the time we went sledding through the trees

Sometimes I think I should write a novel


image: Doug Paul Case