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December 14, 2021 Poetry

3 ASMR Poems

Alex Vigue

3 ASMR Poems photo

*GUARANTEED TINGLES* ASMR Lint Roller Sounds [1 Hour]

The lip of his boxer briefs kisses my eyelids,
shifting fabric’s cool breath brushing my 
earlobe. His green hoodie inches up revealing
a crescent of skin. 

                                    valley of desire between
hem highlands and mountainous belt. Here lies 
tenderness, here is night like skinny black jeans. 
Lint particles ionize the air and ignite some legend
like fury, like frenzy or        fame. Desire enough
to invent the other               senses which are absent,
desire verging on                         slumber, on tight



ASMR Lo-Fi 📹 The 1990's Procrastinator (ROLEPLAY)

Why am I obsessed with skinny French men?



ASMR Binaural Relaxing HAIRCUT - Virtual Spa 

He checks me in with a whisper,
percusses the keys to type my name,

his skin is so youthful and beautiful
he looks like he has wandered out 

of a painting. He is older than he looks
which makes me think he’s some

kind of nymph. We move to the sink,
he shampoos my hair and massages

my scalp with his manicured fingers.
He draws images on my head,

finger painting with bubbles and pressure.
Once clean he pulls out a pair of 

silver shears that rattle from decades
of masterful use. He asks me about

Paris. Is this my first time, have I yet 
been to his favorite place, le Louvre?

I can barely manage to respond, my
eyes flutter between closures. After

the cut he asks if I want any product
and I can barely nod, my head 

sinking into the neck rest. The barber
rubs pomade between his hands,

clamor of palms and friction before
his fingers squeeze and pull at my

hair. He compliments himself on
a job well done and showers me

in a homemade liquor made from
Provence Lavender. I feel each drop

on my skin, an eruptive chain reaction
more delicate than touch. It tugs

at something primal, a whisper
somehow better than a fuck.



image: Doug Paul Case