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September 24, 2021


Jacob Ginsberg


It might have been facetious when you asked me to send a postcard, but I am anyway. I just learned that word, facetious, from my summer reading. I think you are facetious a lot when it has to do with Dad.

I still don’t get why I have to be here. I get Charlie, because of custody, but I aged out. Maybe it’s so I can take care of him. He got SO sunburned our first day here — he cried, even when I slathered him in aloe. Dad was loud, drunk, oblivious.

There’s a woman here who rescues terrapins. They crawl from the bay and nest across the road, back where they came from, were born. Look up “philopatry.” This woman makes sure the nests are safe from predators. Some turtles, before she can find them, lay their eggs in terrible places — driveways, intersections, etc. Those turtles remind me of Beth. Maybe that’s why her kids don’t have to be here, but I do.

The best part about the terrapins: the dads stay in the bay.

Please don’t make me do this ever again.