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in this zoo of broken faces / bad livers
your voice just won’t stop blooming, heavier
than lead, bubbling on broken

sonnets and shards. I packaged
my heart and FedEx’d it to these hands
dipped in gold lacquer, biodegradable hands,

white out love scenes grafted to the sky.
We’re day-glo under sobbing rainbows.
Every single piano I’ve ever met in my life

lands atop your gaping jaw
and the gnarled branches, too (like
the seagulls and the whiskey bottles), make

a fortune. Did I hear it right? Love, love,
love, love? Ok, but—where is love now?




*this love poem is really all Johnny Whitney and Jordan Blilie’s doing—everything in it is from lyrics to songs by The Blood Brothers. Not exactly a reunion, but hey, feed me to the forest.