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July 29, 2021

I Saved This Postcard to Send to My Grandma

Hattie Jean Hayes

July 28, 2021

A Happy Ending

Lucy Zhou

July 27, 2021

Imagining My Father If, Instead of My Grandfather, He Had Been His Own Father

Matthew Mastricova

July 26, 2021

What to Call Your Dead Parent So People with Living Parents Don’t Get Uncomfortable

Kasia Kalinowska

July 25, 2021

A Re-Telling of Cloverfield from Thirteen-Year-Old Me

Joy Guo

July 24, 2021

In the City of Drunk Butterflies

Tara Campbell

July 23, 2021

The only thing fake about me...is my bowel control

Megan Cannella

July 22, 2021

Starting Over

Melissa Llanes Brownlee

July 21, 2021

I still believe in (plant) anarchy

Rebecca van Laer

July 20, 2021

For Our Forty-Fifth Birthday, My Imaginary Friend Requests a Freaky Friday Scenario

Audrey Burges

July 19, 2021

Three Poems

Michael Colbert

July 18, 2021

Holy Haibun in Las Vegas

Trini Rogando

July 17, 2021

A Year of Tweets from a Guy Back Home

Joshua Bohnsack

July 16, 2021

Mister Landslide

Dave Housley

July 15, 2021

Research Methods and Ethics

Gabrielle Spear

July 14, 2021

Love Song

Sneha Subramanian Kanta

July 13, 2021

A Girl Makes Lemonade

Ruth Joffre

July 12, 2021

268 words that aren’t exactly how much you mean to me

Justin A. Clark

July 11, 2021

The night I find out Frank Stanford and C.D. Wright were lovers

Clare Welsh

July 10, 2021

The endless hyperbole

Lauren Suchenski

July 9, 2021

(Fever) (Alleyway) Template

Beth Gordon

July 8, 2021

"we say poetic shit all the time," said one poet to another

Paxton Grey

July 7, 2021

Nobody knows what a horse looks like.

Kristin Lueke

July 6, 2021

Full Fathom Folderol

Kyla Houbolt

July 5, 2021

Nyctophobia / Nyctophilia

Gretchen Rockwell

July 4, 2021

Moving Your Body Until a Cathedral

Matt Mitchell

July 3, 2021

i would like to say this is the last poem i will ever write about Jesus

Jamie Andersen Fields

July 2, 2021


Andrew McSorley

July 1, 2021

I want to believe

Karah Kemmerly

June 30, 2021

To Mamimi Samejima:

Mandy Wallace