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October 14, 2020

2 Nugget Sonnets

Satya Dash

Bowel Sonnet

Sitting atop the cultural summit of the epoch, I sneezed
      into the ethos of the oval foyer and thus began my stunning
decline. On my head strap was mounted a GoPro. I cherished
      my third eye’s vision. The sack of bones I descended from
enjoyed descents, pulled downstream or carried windward
       like love swaying on a shed leaf midair or the body of a baby
airborne just before being grasped by the arms of Daddy.
       Such laughter bloated my belly, compelled me towards wine. I was
never thirsty. So I forgot about water. This practical joke exposed
       me to the skullduggery of devious organs. My parents stopped
calling. Guided by the recent elongation of my index finger,
       my paintings tuned impressionistic. Some techniques for nutrition
I gleaned from a manual. The rest, the doctor tells me, I expunged
       as excrement. Later, my students gifted me a bouquet of silver roses.


Acceptance Sonnet

      Blowing a raspberry wasn’t the ideal finish to the well crafted
speech, I was given feedback. I didn’t argue with the critics.
       I loved confounding way more than captivating. I drank green
tea daily for improved anti-oxidation. Though most days I suffered
       from a constipation of intellect and its over-reliance on eloquence.
It was a dream to play the detective in a thriller. It was a dream
       to be truly insightful. The fondness for capsicum and my mother’s
bitter gourd recipe outlasted my aspirations to be a well rounded
       human being. I liked my chapattis smoky and crisp. It felt nice
to gurgle paper. Why I called the mirror by my name must have something
       to do with my fear of dementia. When I was cast in the role of a tree
in Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, I complained to the teacher. My soggy
       eyes gave away my desperation. The Lord said, eat or get lost. Over
time, my favorite Baskin Robbins flavor came to be Gold Medal Ribbon.