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February 17, 2015 Poetry

Moving To Seattle Poems

Jessie Knoles

Moving To Seattle Poems photo


On a ferry I put my forehead to the glass
and marked it up and I looked down and
felt sick but kept looking because
we were counting jellyfish and I wanted
to see more jellyfish than you.
The mountain saw everything.



I appreciate the city only when I'm
outside of the city or maybe when the
sun is shining in the city and
everyone feels okay.

Other times it's hard because people don't have
homes or are abusing drugs or have mental disabilities.
Or it's that guy behind you who won't stop
honking his horn at you and all you're doing is
waiting for the little boy and his mother to
cross the street safely.

Outside the city there are mountains who
feel like long lost acquaintances or maybe
people you went to high school with.
It's comforting because your high school is a
long, long way away from where you are now.
The mountains are peaceful and beautiful and
everyone you pass says hi to you and you just feel
really good about things usually.

I wonder if these people live in the city, too.
I wonder where their high schools are.



I miss writing poetry. As I
laid in bed I read Howl and missed
reading things for school maybe I
missed school in general. I missed
using my mind now I just kind of
sit around or walk around but either
way it’s just wandering and wandering
without much thinking or anything really.



The girl on the bus was tired after a long day
of work or school or traveling or something.
She laid her head on the boy’s shoulder that
was next to her. I watched them and I smiled
and I grabbed my bags and left for the airport.


image: Caleb Curtiss