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February 10, 2015 Poetry

3 from Letter to the Aliens

Doug Paul Case

3 from Letter to the Aliens photo

from Letter to the Aliens

some of us spend our entire lives listening
waiting for you
dear aliens
if not to say something
directly to us then just
to one of your own perhaps
on his way to greet us
which feels too hopeful
too romantic
dear aliens
so perhaps it is safe
to wish for a passing
frequency’s scurry through
our atmosphere
eavesdropped upon by a man who buried himself
beneath the desert and his radar
roaming through a sky filled with more
stars and more opportunities
to find whatever has been
unattainable here
than there are silver
grains of sand this night under
the moon we’re reasonably sure you’re not hiding on


from Letter to the Aliens

you’ll never be
dear aliens
as close to the horizon
as you think you are


from Letter to the Aliens

some days it feels impossible
dear aliens
there hasn’t been another great war
and never one in our recorded history
on any of the land I have
found myself standing upon
none of which I have owned
if such a thing is possible
in any permanence or temporality
of course due to the ecosystem
and its rotation and that
of war and its trading
of land’s resources through
the violent destruction
and mutilation
dear aliens
of our bodies and what
we call our property and
dear aliens
I’m sorry
words never seem enough
to describe the grandness
of this planet’s potential
for beauty natural
and artificial
and oh what we can build
and oh how much
I haven’t seen
stranded as I am
on this continent
bound by the very
machine responsible
and what should I do


image: Jordan Swartz